Encounter the Awesomeness...

In the FALL On Sundays for 7th & 8th grade 6-7:30 pm

On Fridays for 5th & 6th grade 3-5 pm


ENCOUNTER aims at helping Middle School Students get to know the Bible, answer questions that pre-teens and teens may have, help build a strong Biblical Worldview, and help nourish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


In ENCOUNTER, we will cover Biblical topics such as Grace, Salvation, Truth, Eternal Life, and the Good News of Jesus Christ! We will also address topics that preteens and teens are dealing with everyday such as peer pressure, temptation, sin, bullying, wanting to fit in, what God has to say about sex, heartache, loneliness, dating, dealing with divorce, and other topics that I’m sure will come out of these discussions.


All of these discussions will be taught using the Bible as the authority and will help the students (and me as well) live a life pleasing to God. Our goal is to help the youth ENCOUNTER the Truth of God in a fun and stress-free environment.


At ENCOUNTER, we will have the whole Church to ourselves. There will be no need to be quiet as we play Epic Games throughout the Church! At ENCOUNTER, we will have large-scale games and activities happening in the Sanctuary (large main room) of the Church. We will play games like dodge ball (with official dodge balls!!), have NERF (bow) Wars, have indoor snowball fights, play basketball, football, and maybe even volleyball.


So, tell your friends!

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